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Domestic Water Treatment agent
Nikkor® power phos
   application principle

     when the water the phosphate is the drink  water finishing agent density about 3-5ppmforms the soluble complex compound and the infusibility nanometer level membrane comes anti- filthy and the preservation prevents two pollution effectively  Water containing calcium (Ga), magnesium (Mg), iron (Fe) and other metal ions to form seasily in the water supply pipe inner wall calcium carbonate magnesium carbonate and other insoluble materials, water treatment agent in the poly-phosphate with the metal ions reaction to form soluble complexes inhibit calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate is generated and dispersed into the water, the reaction with iron ions in the pipe wall form a dynamic protective film in order to achieve anti-corrosion waterproof scale.

Reaction as follows : 
      Na2[Na4(PO3)6]+CaX →Na2[Na2Ca(PO3)6]+Na2X

      Na2[Na2Ca(PO3)6]+CaX →Na2[Ca2(PO3)6]+Na2X  ( soluble complexc compound )

    Fe(OH)2+Na2[Ca2(PO3)6] →FeCa2(PO3)6+NaOH         ( infusibility membrane )
the magnesium ionic reaction and the calcium ion response are the same


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