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   Production :
 Domestic Water Treatment agent
 Nikkor® power phos
   the application method  
     (一).  Using  power phos matters pay attention
aWater degree of hardness when surpasses 450mg/L, should increase consistence 
     of the 
power  phos.
bThe temperature is not easy to surpass for a long time 100 after the power phos
c: When the system long time stops using, It should take out adds medicine the
     power phos,after the air-dry and conserve.
d: This is the food grade, namely conforms to "Life Tap water Sanitary supervision Act
of administration", "the life drinks the hydrochemistry finishing agent health Lives
safety evaluation standard" (2001) the stipulation. Therefore, when
     operation is not special  requests.

     (二).  The power phos uses the consistence in the different situation

In the different situation uses consiste


 tap water

 boiler water

central air conditioning

use consistence(ppm)

cold water

lukewarm boiler wate:5-7

cooling water:4-6

use consistence(ppm)

the sauna:3-5

freezing water:1-4

     (三).  Thepower phos adds medicine selection
adds the medicine model everyday use water volume(m3/日) adds the medicine cubage(L) adds the dose(kg)
S X H — 2 35 ~ 60 2 0 24 ~ 30
S X H — 3 60 ~ 85 3 0 36 ~ 40
S X H — 4 85 ~ 110 4 0 48 ~ 55
S X H — 5 110 ~ 170 5 0 60 ~ 70
S X H — 8 170 ~ 220 8 0 95 ~ 100
S X H — 10 220 ~ 290 1 0 0 120 ~ 125
S X H — 15 290 ~ 430 1 5 0 175 ~ 180
S X H — 20 430 ~ 720 2 0 0 240 ~ 250
S X H — 30 720 ~ 1000 3 0 0 325 ~ 360
S X H — 40 1000 ~ 14000 4 0 0 450 ~ 480
※:Adds the medicine external dimensions, please refer to the product color book which
       “SanXinHe” provide,  installs the schematic drawing please refer to chart below.
  Power phos computational method
a:Foundation inputs
      ()the toneveryday use water volume×()g/ the g/tonis suitable consistence
×365(the date)÷1000(to convert  kg).
b: Every three month supplement foundation inputs 1/4

      (五).  To install the power phos adds the gallipot the schematic drawing


the installment prepares materials

fitting part


operating procedure


3   piece

  Operation: 1 and 3,the valve open,2 closed

  Bypass:1 and 3,the valve closed,2 open

  Charge: 1 and 3,the valve closed, 2 open


2   piece



stub pipe


    (六).  Installation issues:(Beijing direct sale customer
a Medical kit before installation,free analysis of water quality and design of medical
       kit installation mode,and guidance and supervision to install medicine chest .
b Install and follow-up service, until the water quality and stability. (Generally three
c  Every month the regular water examination and inform the customer.
d Within 48 hours solve the problem and propose the preventive measure when
       problems occur .
e The establishment of water quality management system to help customers, so
       that water quality management rationalize .
f  The long time use drugs achieve when the water quality is stable, suggested that
       the customer reduced drugs .
 (Note Under normal circumstances, the use of a more than one year can reduce drug use
 (七). Purchase prompt :

A lots of fake “the Nikkor sign”on the market in the present , in order to ensure that you buy the real  “the Nikkor sign” the silicon phosphorus crystal, pleasecrcarefully identify:

(1)  The packing case for the long, the width,and the high
        all 245mm are cube paper box, product net weight


(2)  The packing case spends the pp mechanized electrically
strapping tape packaging, the yellow, the non-iron

(3)  The paper box flank is printed with the manufacturer,
        the address, the telephone. And attaches the
        consignment person signature to deliver goods the

   (八).   The power phos adds the medicine installation diagram

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