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Domestic Water Treatment agent
Nikkor® power phos
   Product introduction:

     The Nikkor®power phos is one economy effective uses in the protection domestic water and the industry system pipeline's water treatment medicament,which uses controlled release technology, the main ingredient from the composition of polyphosphate and poly-silicate. The Nikkor®power phos uses the American advance technology,on the basis of the original recipe added to meet the water quality of  our country water quality partial ingredients.Through our country different area's service condition and the massive practices to prove: The Nikkor®power phos in the scale,corrosio enhances the water quality aspect to have its own feature, especially in the anti-corrosion performance ,particularly conspicuous
The product of the Nikkor®power phos is one economy effective prevents the water supply system scaling and the corrosion high-tech product. As one kind of food additive class third generation high polymerization phosphate is the anticorrosion antisludging agent
  The product is the glassy pellet which becomes through the high temperature technology burn, after the Nikkor®power phos processing water is one nature right of people a good way to add subjunction mineral substance .The Nikkor®power phos regarding industry system's anti-corrosion, scale, extending the useful life of equipment to play the positive role


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