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Domestic Water Treatment agent
Nikkor® power phos

1、the domestic production costs are lower, with quality and superiority, technological      advantages, we can completely replace the similar imported products, product sales rapid growth

2、A large number of export products abroad, used in domestic water, water purifiers and   industrial water treatment, the product performance is stable, Receives American, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Israeli, the South Korean advanced countries and Taiwan area high praise and the recognition
 The dissolved time is long, and dissolves normal (10-12 month), 3-year shelf life

4、 Passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification

5、obtained Beijing Health license

6、the product diversification, divides into differently based on the formula: Export model, water purifier special type,special type three kinds of pipe

    Product specification
        Round ball: W1  、W2                    Granular:  W3  、W4

        Export-oriented:According to technical requirements of foreign investors,

                                     the production of export products.  


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