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1、 According to the Q/TXSHX001-2004 enterprise standard production's domestic water finishing agent (power phos), in the superhigh temperature (1200-1700),the neutral fusing polymerization gathers the phosphate, regardless of therefore is drinks or uses in the food processing, taking a bath to be harmless to the human body. American FDA achromatic color, tasteless, non-toxic tap water finishing agent, weaves GRAS (Generally Recognized as Sate) the table of contents, moreover this product pass the South Korean State-run Health care Research institute's heavy metal content test, its security obtained full recognizing. Conforms to "Beijing Life Tap water Sanitary supervision Act of administration" in the domestic this product.

2、 Nikkor® power phos has the certificate and the approval, please click onintelligence certificate

    The medical department sanitary supervision center convenes g gathers the phosphate security appraisal topic summing-up meeting in August Assistant Director Yu Jun who is Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Beijing University medicine department, Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's expert attended the conference, medical department sanitary supervision center attended the conference and give a speech .First, Assistant Director Yu Jun thanks the expert to gather the work which in the phosphate security appraisal topic does, and stressed that to gathers the phosphate security to carry on the appraisal.

  The recent years, will gather the phosphate being used the life to drink the water conduct the rust-preventing agent and theprevent dirty agent are getting more and more widespread, inorder to appraisal lives the water security which drinks, the medical department sanitary supervision center organize "In Life Tap water To gather Phosphate Application Present situation Investigation And Research"to do this job . This research started in November, 2004 (golden sum total Manager Wei to participation), organized the expert to convene a project meeeting   about phosphate,and invite chemical industry specialized senior expert and the enterprise represents makes the report to  the phosphate character and the service,then organized the expert investigate many users in Beijing some areas (the main is Nikkor@ power customer) ,and selectr  the water sample to carry on research around the phosphate use. Food aspect's expert also participated in this topic research.

   After nearly one year research, the basic conclusion which obtains is: The human can take in the ration every day from the meals the phosphate, the phosphate as the metal pipeline and the vessel rust-preventing agent and the prevent dirt agent when the normal use with compares from food in quantity, its content is not worthy of mentioning, to the human body health constitution harm, that confirm that the Nikkor@ power is safe, may feel relieved to use.


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